How To Communicate With Your Deaf Dog

Have you been relentlessly yelling your dog's name with no answer? Does your dog seem to be ignoring you? Does the vacuum cleaner not phase him any more? If you answered yes to any of these questions then your dog may having hearing issues or be deaf. Lack of communication isn't healthy for anyone, especially between you and your pet. To make sure you are being understood by your dog and are doing what you can to help him, we've outlined exactly how to communicate with your deaf dog.

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3 Tips For Bringing a Puppy Into Your Senior Dog's Home

There may be several reasons you decide to bring a puppy home to join your family and your senior dog. It's common for people to want to introduce a new dog into their families before the pain of losing the older one begins, or they may just feel it's time for a new addition to their family. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult introducing a new puppy into a home that already has one or more senior dogs. To ensure a smooth transition between your new pooch and your old, we've made a list of 3 tips for bringing a puppy into your senior dog's home.


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5 Steps To Prepare For the Death Of Your Dog

Death is a subject many of us find hard to talk about. Its ominous tone brings about anxiety and sadness. When it comes to our pets, we want to believe they'll always be around to hug, to comfort us, and to play with. Unfortunately, like with all living beings, this is just not the case. Preparing yourself for the death of your dog can be a difficult challenge, but may help you and your family cope in the long run. By implementing these 5 steps, you may be better prepared for the death of your dog when it occurs.

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4 Tips For Golfing With Arthritis

tips for golfing with arthritis Golfing can be an enjoyable past time on and off the green. You can practice in your backyard, perfect your swing at the driving ranges, and play a competitive round of golf with a friend. Being a golfer with arthritis, you may experience stiffness in your arthritic joints, decreased range of motion, and achy hands and wrists. Dealing with an arthritis diagnosis can inhibit participation in your favorite activities, especially golf. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make playing golf easier on your arthritic joints. Golf can be a great source of exercise for keeping your joints flexible and strong. We recommend staying comfortable while playing by using these 4 tips on how to golf with arthritis.

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7 Dog Myths Debunked

We know your dog is not only a household pet, but a member of the family. Knowing the most you can about your dogs - what's best for them to eat, how and when they should play, and what's healthy for them - are top interests in your life. You've probably heard certain rumors about dogs throughout the years and wondered if they're true or not: if they see color, how old they are in dog years, or if tug of war results in aggression. Some may call them old wives' tales, but we call them myths. To better educate you on what you can and cannot believe surrounding your dogs, we have debunked 7 dog myths.

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